What is it like being raised in a mixed family?


Being raised in a mixed family.. you can see the prejudice and asumtions dripping off from far away.


Ever since I was little racism played a big part in my life. When I was younger I didn’t always understand that my parents had to wait in different lines at boarder controls for example. Or why we couldn’t take a bus in certain states, because we couldn’t sit together. I wasn’t aware that I got denied in certain places because they couldn’t place me. I must have been about 6 or 7 when I realised that my family was different. It was then when I understood my mom was called a whore for having a black husband.

It was strange to me that when my parents separated,  and my mother started dating a very abusive white man, that my dad was called ‘ieuw he is black’ and shaked the abusive white man his hand like he was santa claus.
I am so used of having so many different cultures at home, my parents have never looked at color or people their income. If you were an awesome person, you were welcome.

My mom comes from a gipsy background. The ROMA gipsies. Yet I have never felt that I should be embarrassed of who I am and where I am from. As I was thought that we are all the same, and in every culture are rotten apples. Some cultures a little more then others.

High school

In highschool I learned that being mixed race meant that you were worth nothing to both races. Bullied by white kids for having weird hair and a monkey nose. Tripped and kicked for being different. The black kids used to wait me up with baseball bats, or pushed me on the trainrails, and boy do I know how all sort of shoes taste.

In modeling people told me not say I was mixed race, as people don’t understand mixed race. Years and years of misunderstanding and people or tiptoeing or being rude. Only in Ibiza racism never seemed to excist. People just took you who you are. Just how I was raised. I think that is one of the main reasons I love it there so much. I could just be me. Not pretend.

My kids and prejudice

My eldest daughter has a Spanish dad, for this she got bullied in school, she was different. Then even more because she was to friendly (! ) even now while testing her for adhd (like me) the doctors said she must have some kind of reactive attachment problem because she was to friendly and to easy distracted. While she is just an Ibiza kid (born and raised her first years).

But her friends in school don’t get that she can be friends with black kids. They aren’t allowed to play with them. Needless to say those kids are not welcome. My daughter (now 8) never understood why having a different color is a problem. Now she does. Thought by society.
Then she lived 4 years with her single mom. Keep your husbands away because every single mom is targetting your husband!!


And now we are a family with a stepdad and half sister. From doctors to babysitters we are called different and very unlike other families. Now in this family all we care about is love and who you arr. Not where you are from. And instead of worrieng that people find us weird, I am really very worried that we are so different?  Because then if we are weird, how are other households?

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