Le saint Esteve restaurant in France

lesaintesteve14My visit to Le saint Esteve restaurant

by Mathias Dandine, in France, was a total surprise for me by one of my clients. He knows how much I love great food, but love it even more if there is a great view. So he decided to surprise us, and take us to the restaurant after the shoot. Our shoot was very close by, and more photos of that you will find on the blog soon enough.

Le saint Esteve restaurant

has 2 Michelin stars, and is part of the Les Lodges hotel-villas. It has gorgeous views to the Mont Sainte-Victoire, a favorite by known painter Paul Cezanne. It’s his paintings of the Mont Sainte-Victoire that made him well known around the world. And I must say it’s a quite impressive view. Having lunch while staring at the mountains, you can feel where his creativity came from. If you walk down the restaurant you find the villas with a private pool, which is part of the hotel. Small piece of advice.. all private pools in France are obligated with an alarm. So when you jump in, it will go off for like 30 seconds or so. It’s a safe feeling, that your toddler for example won’t drown as fast. It gives you a bit of a heart attack when you sneaky jump in the pool while taking some photos.

Mont Sainte-Victoire


The lunch was typical what you expect from a Michelin star restaurant. In Aix-en Provence I was getting used to the large dinners, with nice big full plates. But here you get the finest cuisine in tiny portions. But just enough. I was very tempted for the meat, but being there with a supermodel, and feeling quite large, I decided for the grilled fish with lots of fresh vegetables. We got small appetizers of asparagus, in mousse, soup and with shrimps. Absolutely amazing. The grilled fish was also melt in your mouth soft. All complimented by lots of white wine and Perrier water.





Definitely worth going, although I wouldn’t recommend taking your kids to the restaurant. Its way to expensive for it to be wasted, and a bit to posh to have any kids running around.







2250 Route Cezanne | Les Lodges Sainte Victoire, 13100 Le Tholonet, France

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