Helpling with Cleaning!


On a beautiful morning I received this mail. Was I interested in testing a cleaning service.
I had my coffee, 1 more and then some. And let it sink in. They obviously had no children, or they would have formulated that mail a little different to for example ” this is your lucky day” or ” you have won the lottery”.

cleaning in progress sign-01

Anyway, we both work full time. I am working from home, so I can do a bit more. But the point of working from home is to be home for the kids and safe on daycare. Cleaning is not always my first priority.  As much as I love a clean house, I hate cleaning.
So, Helpling came right in time, as we just decided we needed help at home.

I love how you can just go to and fill in the form. It says straight away what the help will be doing at your house, in which time frame and the price. Super clear and easy.

When the help came over, it turned out to be her first time for this service. She was very friendly, and I honestly barely noticed she was around.  Which for me is very important,  as I am so easy distracted.
She did all her tasks perfect, I could not have done it better myself. If I would like to be difficult,  my only issue would be that she left half an hour early. She asked if there was more to do, but I didn’t really have time to check. She however missed most of the kitchen. But either way, I was very satisfied,  and will totally book her again.
I absolutely recommend the service. Its reliable, easy to book and very important is that they will have a replacement in case your favorite cleaner is not available.

eco-friendly-cleaning-products_311Check out for more information! 

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