Cheaters, cheating, CHEAT!

Cheaters!!! Have you ever been cheated on?

You never expect them to cheat

I for one, absolutely despise cheaters. Nothing to add there. This is coming from experience… Although I was lucky enough to deal with real total idiots. On a bad time in my life I decided short blonde hair was my style. My then partner had a girl over, while I was away modeling. When I came home I found my conditioner empty and black hairs in the sink. Very obvious. His phone was in my name, so I asked for a detailed phone bill. 365 text messages. He got mad: a: I asked a detailed phone bill, it was private. b: I called the number, I should not have bothered her(!) and c: I refused to pay the bill.

It sucks, it sucks big time.

My first boyfriend ever got caught because his cute little sister told me he hid my photos and letters under his pillow. So sweet. Except for the fact that I never written him letters, or gave him a photo. Yes, that wasn’t me. My last partner was not your smartest cheater on the planet either. After a one night stand he gave my number, instead of his. Her sweet messages wishing him luck with his wife, to my phone, classic. He still denied though. And it happened more then once.

In my opinion, you cheat because there is something wrong in the relation. I am not talking about open relationships, and also not about couples that have different agreements. To me, that is also not cheating.

What is cheating?

Its when you need to find your excitement elsewhere. Everyone gets flattered when flirted with. And no denying that we all have flirted at some point. Its what you do with it. And how you feel doing it.
Taking someones number for work or sports or whatever is one thing, having to hide those messages is another. Going to parties alone is awesome, hiding your photos of the night before from your partner, is showing that is something wrong. Especially when you are one to share everything with everyone.
When your partner becomes paranoia with his/her phone, you have all the reasons to believe something is up!!

Then there are the obvious signs; taking a shower straight away before even giving you a kiss, taking calls in a different room, not giving you affection, feels attacked to whatever you say, is speaking different, is leaving you out of their life, not sharing anything, and most important.. stopped being intimate.

Men think that kissing or having sex is cheating. Although it varies there..I remember a president who said that giving a blowjob was not cheating. For his information, yes it is! But there is more. Sharing intimate details, and the need to be with that other person, more then with your partner, is also cheating. Besides, you do know when you are cheating. If there is anything you don’t want your partner to know about your relation with another person, because you are worried they might get hurt. Then stop doing it, as your gut feeling is right. You are hurting your partner. 

What to do when you are being cheated?

Confront! Ask! And check their phone. If there is nothing to hide, you can ask to see it. Why? Because you don’t trust him/her. If they make a big argument about trust and whatever, more reason to worry. Of course not every person doing all this is cheating, but definitely something is up. And if they are cheating on you, its up to you what to with it. Just keep in mind, when you have kids, to not put them in the middle! Your partner was a dick, its not your children’s fault. Stay civil for them, but keep your head high!



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