Busy Crazy Amsterdam Fashion Week

I hope you enjoyed my posts from the Amsterdam Fashion Week? Its been such a busy week, and unfortunately havent beeen able yet to post more photos on my blog, but I will do that this week.

Amsterdam Fashion Week has been awesome,

I was very happy to be a part of it. It was a bit hard trying to shoot with the N8 from Nokia and with my own camera, but I think I managed just fine. It was quite the challenge trying to send tweets with not great coverage, and me still trying to figure out a touch phone, I guess I am stil a bit oldfashioned, but I find typing with a simple qwerty keyboard just easier. Although its probably just getting used to it. I saw people typing so fast on their touch screens, I know it has to be possible. Very cool the reactions from everyone on the phone, everything in pink, and my nick name from some people became Pinkie!

I feel I have learned a lot again this week, its so busy, you meet so many people, and the rush of getting the right shots in such a limited time frame is incredible! Happy I managed, and even happier I got very happy clients to;) One of the bigger compliments I got was from the house photographer, someone in his team ordered me to remove a photo thinking it was theirs… So when I proved it was actually mine, they were impressed. Always good!!

Awesome to see everyone again from last time, I missed a few people, but I am sure they will be back next time. I am looking very much forward to January!! And with the big buzz from the fashion week, I can’t wait for Aruba Fashion Week coming up next!

Monday was the Modefabriek

With a showcase of talented young and established designers, and what a surprise to see Anti-Flirt and Tark!! Wow, they were my favorite in my early twenties! A heavy and expensive addiction:) I also saw the great people of Claesen’s underwear, who I modelled for in my young and skinny days. And while I posted that on twitter, I got a dm from a modeling agency, if I was in for some modeling again.

Hmmm.. something to think about I guess? Obviously in a different section now, big is beautiful, or older character models or something I think. Which is fine, with age comes acceptance. Although saying that.. I have noticed lots of 30+ around me getting in a heavy depression, good careers, nice lives, surgery, peelings and botox, but still missing something.

The trap that is called beauty and acceptance

All so busy getting all the stuff and clothes you so need, but forget to work on ourselves, our own souls, and with the lives being so perfect, with perfect friends, perfect houses, perfect faces and perfect jobs, sometimes you get to a point where the 1 perfect thing to finish it off is missing. The ideals for a relation become so high, we expect so much from a person, and everything has to be absolutely perfect, or it gets finished off. Not saying in the older days its so good to just stick with it, but I do believe we can work a little harder and stop demanding the other person to be so perfect.

I have never heard so many people around me talking about this. Seeing doctors, getting help, falling into big holes. All wonderful and beautiful people. Its a shame with the heavy social life they still have to be lonely. I do think you can also be happy alone, I see that in certain people. But most of us, we like to be loved. Being single is not so accepted as we make it out to be. Most still want the happy fairytale ending! For myself I can see it happenin in my near future;)

The rest of the week it is all about relax, I had a corrective surgery from something I did when I was young and thought everything was about beauty. So a few days rest t recover. My little girl is of in the last week of group 1, and has to say goodbye to her great big love.. Dramatic at her age, but forgotten next week. Both setting our minds to the travels coming up this year.

Next week I will tell you all about my trip to Ameland, the Jimmy Woo and Marlies Dekkers.


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