Baby Daddy and single predators

Everybody loooooves a baby daddy!!! Especially single women in their thirties. I call them predators.

baby daddyOf course, seeing a man being lovely with his kids, especially babies, makes most of us women go aaahhh…ooohhhh… But single women with their bio clock ticking are a whole different species!

I often wonder how their brain works? Do they really think that when he is wandering around with his newborn, that it is to attract women, and make more babies? If its his best friend walking around with his borrowed baby, oh you can bet your ass he is there to pull women. If he is a new father, trust me, he is to tired to half notice you, and if he does, getting you naked might come to his mind, making babies with you is the absolute last thing, He is seriously to tired.
However, every man loves the attention, and most women have to try. It goes from innocent flirting in the supermarket, to not so innocent, to plain rude. Comments go from “ow how adorable” to “she is just as cute as her daddy” to “she is so beautiful, she must have all her gorgeous looks from you, she looks nothing like her mommy” in front of me.

Women just look different to a man who can make cute babies, and have a very solid relationship. In their eyes it just means its a man who can make cute babies, and is able to commit. For some reason they forget that he just had a baby to the woman he is already committed to. Rings and babies are like magnets to these women. Even their best friends suddenly look at them trough a complete new set of glasses. Their party fun boy, is now someones husband and father. That all happened while the best friends were to busy looking for someone else. But all of a sudden, he is a serious candidate.
Now of course, men are men, and they are easy targets. Gullible and naive most of them. They have no idea how a lot of women think. Where we are usually to tired to dress up, and always seem to have a bit of baby puke on us. They can make sure to dress up for when they next see him. This is of course easier when they are already friends. They will make sure to remind him of all the fun times they shared. I can see where men easily fall in their trap.

But why do women do this? I looked it up; its a biological thing. Something to do with their clocks, and the nature to reproduce yourself. And a good catch is a good catch, no matter who caught him first. I guess me comparing men to fish will not go down well with my partner, so I better be extra nice this weekend, especially with him spending it with “no she is not looking for a relation, we just share the same passion for our sports, and no you will never meet her, as you will know straight away she is after my pants, but I just love the attention” this weekend šŸ˜‰

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