Diary of a fat girl #1

So here it is. My diary of a skinny person inside a fat one.nbvvxc I have been wanting to write about this on my Dutch personal website, but then it just doesn’t seem to come out so well. But I am giving it a go here. 

Spice up the kids room with wall murals

So your kid wants a new design all over. The baby wallpaper is boring, and they kind of prefer all black walls at the moment. Since we all know its temporary, you might want to consider wall murals, canvas paintings or even stickers that come off.

On infertility.. must read!

Signs of Infertility What exactly is infertility? The problems with either conceiving a child, or with carrying out the pregnancy to its eventual fruitful end, fall under the definition of infertility. Infertility is the incapability of an individual to become pregnant, in case of females, or the incapability to induce pregnancy, in case of the …

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