8 Things we can/should learn from our kids

Yes more then often I wish there was a mute button on my kids. Especially after a night like last night, when 1 decides that clapping your hands and humming, is such a fun thing to do at 2am, and the other thinks its fun to join in. Where both are in the worst mood in the morning, and no one seems to be able to get ready. Where I know tonight will be drama, as everyone will be to tired for dinner and bathing. Not to mention the flu hit in me in the head with a hammer.

But just when frustration hits, I think about last night for example, and can’t help but smile to myself. And realize that I have 2 amazing little creatures at home, who just love playing with each other, no matter the age gap. I came up with 10 things I can learn from my 2 beautiful girls.

  1. Playing is fun! I know, I hate it just as much as any other other adult. More so because we just have so much to do and to worry about. Our fantasy limits us to laying on the beach with cocktails, or having a maid. But they can still play with 2 plastic bags and a pencil, and create a whole new world. Sometimes just letting go, and go with their fantasies, can open you up to a whole new creative you.
  2. Making new friends. Who really still makes new friends unless its a mother at school, or a coworker or something? Do you still go up to a group of people and ask to join them for their coffee? In my case, I rather go nude ice fishing. I so admire my girl for doing just that. Sometimes they don’t want to play, or react just as adults would; and that’s not very welcoming. But she will not blink her eyes over it. Tough luck, their loss. Amazing!
  3. Singing, OUT LOUD! When you are happy or sad, just sing. Make up your own song, and just sing. Ok, so as an adult people might stare at you, but then again, why is that? Why do we want to call the medics when someone is just singing out loud?
  4. Dress up. Kids are lucky where they can just wear anything, and it looks funny or cute. No matter what color combination. However, we are so forced in whats right and wrong, and what is correct, that most of us force our kids to all wear the same clothes. Now my daughter has quite a strong character, and I picked my battles a long time ago , so she just wears whatever she likes, as long as its weather appropriate. I obviously still buy her clothes, so of course she won’t wear those leather hotpants with crop top, that hang in her age category. Before you even ask, push up bras for kids are also off limits here. But that was not my point. I decided to lighten up about what I wear, and came up with much more fun and daring combinations, and people think I am so fashionable sometimes. Win-Win.
  5. Ask why. My kid questions everything. Pretty annoying, yes, I give you that. But then also pretty smart. She doesn’t just take every news fact, or everything we tell her for facts. She wants to know why. Again I am to bust thinking why my bank account isn’t larger, why is there so much laundry, why am I still behind on work. But perhaps thinking why don’t girls run the world as we are so much more caring, and let the boys play with their toys as they obviously suck at ruling the world, can be mind altering, and maybe change things around at least in my household.
  6. Saying no. Its a huge problem around women to say no! We tend to say yes to everything and everyone. We take courses and workshops to learn how to say no. Where kids just say no. And don’t get frustrated about it. They also don’t worry you might not like them after they have said no.
  7. Give compliments to other people. You see someone with awesome boots, tell them. Love their hair, ask the name of their Β hairdresser. It feels weird, and not everyone will respond well. But they usually are very surprised. I have seen so many people their faces light up when my girl just shamelessly walks up and tells them You are so pretty, love your earrings etc. Now I honestly wouldn’t do that so fast, but still, I always think I should do it more often. It would make the street look better when everyone smiles.
  8. Give hugs and kisses without any reason. I can hug and kiss my kids all day, but my friends or parents? Not really. Or my even my man. And we all love a big hug, or have someone really excited running over when you come home. It lightens the mood straight away, and you can just leave your bad day behind the door.So.. instead of getting mad at all of this, lets join our inner kids! I just saved you 13 hours of therapy.You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

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